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    “We wanted to let you know that our beautiful little boy Riley Emon – Eccols was born after 2 hours of established labour. Even our midwife said it was the most peaceful birth that she had witnessed. Thankyou for all of your support and guidance, it really made our birth experience a peaceful journey that we will keep close to our hearts forever.”

    Cynthia, David and Riley

    “Our beautiful little girl Murphy Katherine Ford was born after 5 hours of  labour;  and was the most enjoyable, amazing, hard and intense time of my life. Jared was brilliant, keeping me calm by assisting me with my breathing and visualisations so much so that I sang, rocked and danced to my music! Thankyou for giving us the skills, that enabled us to have such an incredible birth experience.”

    Sara, Jared and Murphy

    “Our beautiful little boy Liam was born after 4 hours of an induced labour. Thankyou, for giving us the most amazing techniques that you taught us.”

    Danya, Adam and Liam

    “We wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby Florence was born by Casearean birth, after a very complicated labour that went along so many different paths. We truly believe that in having done the Calmbirth course, it empowered us in every way to be able to work with our caregivers and to be involved with every decision made. So thankyou for everything that you taught us. It was amazing.”

    Katelyn, Sam and Florence Comerford